There have been multiple reports that people are not picking up after their pets. The pet waste stations are available to all residents and must be used when walking your pet.


Under no circumstances are pets allowed in the park area. There was a recent report that a hired dog walker was seen walking a dog in the park. Residents are responsible to advise their dog walkers of the rules.


If you, or an individual walking your dog, are in violation of the following rules, an appropriate fine will be imposed.


  1. Pet owners must remove all feces deposited by such animal.
  2. Pets must be under immediate control of their owners. No pets, including dogs and cats, should be allowed to roam.
  3. Residents are prohibited from putting food, water or shelter for animals, including bird feeders, outside their unit or in the common areas.
  4. No animal may be leashed to any stationary object in the common and/or restricted common areas.
  5. Pets are not permitted in the park area.


Anyone who observes a violation is asked to report it to management.


For the welfare, comfort and convenience of all residents, everyone’s cooperation in complying with the rules, as written, will be appreciated.


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