Refuse Removal:

  • All refuse must be put in sealed plastic bags and placed in a covered pail.
  • All cartons must be broken down.
  • Carpet must be cut down to 3 ft. width and rolled into small bundles and tied.

If you have latex paint cans to dispose of, you must remove the lids and let the paint dry out

before putting it out for collection. Do not put paint cans into trash bags.


Recyclable Items:

Recyclable items are collected by Meadow Carting on Wednesdays. Newspapers should be bundled and tied. Recyclable items, e.g., glass, plastic and metal cans, should be rinsed out and placed in your recyclable pail.


Bulk Items:

No bulk items, e.g., appliances, furniture, hot water heaters, etc. should be placed in the common garage area until Sunday or Monday evenings for collection by our maintenance staffs on Tuesdays. If the bulk items are not put out in time for the scheduled collection days, they must be moved back into your private garage for the next collection day. If you have any doubt about what you can put out for bulk collection, please contact the condominium office.


Construction Debris:

No construction materials, e.g., wood, sheetrock, etc. should be put out for collection. Our refuse company will not take it. Your contractor is responsible to remove all debris from the site. If your contractor needs to bring in a dumpster for construction debris, you must contact the condominium office in advance to make arrangements.


Hazardous Waste Products:

Disposal of oil-base paints, oil, anti-freeze, paint thinners, batteries, etc. is prohibited. Several times a year the Town of North Hempstead’s S.T.O.P. Program sets up collection sites for disposal of hazardous materials. For information on the S.T.O.P. location and collection dates call 516/767-4600.

NOTE: All electronic equipment, TV’s, stereos, computers, etc. must be brought to the Town of North Hempstead’s collection site for disposal.


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